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“Just tell me how to be different in a way that makes sense.”

"Theres a brief moment when you first wake up, where you have no memories. A blissful blank slate, a happy emptiness."

- Anna Sophia Robb, The Carrie DiariesĀ  (via magicalstorms)

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how do u expect me to keep up with my school work when i can hardly keep up with the kardashians

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Guys, I know that this isn’t a girl switching shows in a circle or a cute cat freaking out and running around a bed, but it’s important. My uncle, along with so many other people died 11 years ago tomorrow. My cousin has had to grow up without a father, her brother won’t ever get on a plane, her mother remarried to a man whose wife went down with her husband, all of them cry at the touch of a hat, sob at anything at all that reminds them of him. People at my school get so irritated about having to spend 15 minutes in class on 9/11 watching a tribute to the lost souls, but for those of us who will never get over it, it’s nice to have that one day that you can just break down and cry without having to worry about being thought of in a poor light. I hope this never happens again, and I hope that every single one of you realizes how lucky you are to still be alive today.

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It’s really hard to think this happened 11 years ago. I was only 8, yet remember it perfectly.

RIP to some beautiful people who my friends and family knew that died in that exact building, thinking it’d be okay if they waited about 10 minutes to leave since they were safe.

thank god that motherfucking piece of shit is dead at the bottom of the ocean.

my dad was in the north tower the day before, if he hadn’t finished the project he was working on he would’ve been there on the day of the crash. i always feel so guilty when i think of all the “what ifs” that came with this tragedy..


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